Your guide to outdoor furniture

The Al Fresco is an outdoor space seen commonly today it’s a space for dining, relaxation, and gatherings. “Al Fresco” is an Italian phrase that means “In the cool air” like the Italian phrase hanging out in your Al Fresco should be as relaxing as possible, it should also be pleasing to the eyes, and most importantly it should withstand the abuse of the weather.

When choosing furniture for our Al Fresco, we need to be very specific with our choice because there is a lot of factors that come in to play when placing furniture outside. Consider the weather, humidity, wind, corrosion and rotting.

There are plenty of materials that are suitable for outdoors to choose from such as steel, iron, aluminium, plastic, wicker, and wood, each of these materials has its own set of benefits, care tips and characteristics. We listed down the benefits and things to consider in choosing these materials.




Rust Resistant

Withstands: Rain, Sunlight and Extreme Temperatures


Resin Wicker


UV Resistant


Withstands: Rain, Sunlight and Humidity





Natural Weather Resistance


Withstands: Rain(If sealed), Sunlight, Humidity, Wind and Extreme Temperatures





Fade Resistant

Rot Resistant

Mildew Resistant

Minimal Maintenance

Withstands: Rain, Humidity, Wind and Extreme Temperatures

Again choosing the right one for you depends on the weather, location, temperature and humidity in your area, but surely all the materials listed here will last long against the elements.