Home Insulation what are they?

Insulation, one of the most forgotten and taken for granted home essential, often misunderstood and ignored, this hidden part of your home is so much more than a hidden cloak of armour for your home. But what is this home insulation anyways?

Insulation to make it short is a material that reduces energy transfer of either electrical, acoustic or thermal energy, not all insulation material are created equal and for the same purpose. At a broader perspective, there are insulations for automobiles, industrial use and home the application, material and concept may be similar but what is used for automobiles aren’t for home use.

Homes usually use two types of insulation, Thermal and Acoustic insulation, Thermal insulation helps control the ambient temperature of your home, it drastically reduces the heat loss or heat gain by providing a barrier between your home and the temperature outside, while Acoustic insulation is used to drastically cutoff outside noise and prevents noise from inside your home to escape outside.

As mentioned Thermal insulation works by reducing heat loss or heat gain, proper installation of thermal insulation can fix several issues such as high heating and cooling bills, the temperature during summer and winter is either too hot or too cold, there are three major types of Thermal insulation, foam, fibreglass and foam.

Foam insulation comes in two forms, spray and injection foam, spray foam is used in an open cavity(attics, crawl spaces and rim joists) while injection foam is used in an existing cavity such as walls.

Fibreglass comes in batts and rolls. It can be placed in unfinished walls, floors and ceilings. Fibreglass insulation is fitted between studs, joists and beams.

Cellulose can be either loose-fill or blown in. It is best used in enclosed existing walls or open new wall cavities. Cellulose insulation can also be used in unfinished attic floors.

Unwanted noise is quite annoying in the home environment, ranging from traffic sounds and neighbourhood clamour to excessive inner echoes in crowded spaces. Consider adding acoustic insulation to walls, ceilings and other surfaces in your home to combat noise and boost the serenity of your room. Various kinds of acoustic isolation are intended to deflect, absorb and dissipate sound.

There are several acoustic insulators out there for home use, such as Blankets and Batts, Gypsum Panels, Acoustic Panels and Viscoelastic Products.

Overall home insulation is widely used and accepted to make homes more comfortable whether it may be thermal insulation that helps you sleep cozy at night or the acoustic insulation that helps you relax on a lazy Sunday morning.