The “perfect” wood

Wood, the humble, flexible yet sturdy material, it’s in your furniture, in your tables, chairs, doors, floors and inside the walls of your home, wood is considered by some to be a luxurious and sophisticated choice of material for the home environment.

Not all wood is created the same, some are used for the flooring and some are used as fences, and some are used as furniture, each job calls for a different type of wood thus the “perfect” wood may vary depending on the project, selecting wood depending on the grade and type may also help maximise the material cost by simply picking the right type of wood for the job.

There are two classes of wood and this is according to the kind of trees they are obtained from. First is the hardwood, plants which are classified as angiosperms are the sources of hardwood, these are the trees that bear flowers during their season, while gymnosperms or the coniferous trees supply softwood.

On the contrary, softwood is significantly stronger than the hardwood, softwoods are used as frameworks and for flooring purposes.

In grading wood there are two grades of woods the that is free from blemishes are higher quality and tend to be more expensive, these are used to build items with exceptional and aesthetically pleasing finishes and there’s the wood with flaws these are the common grade lumber mostly used in general construction projects.

The best-suited wood for your project can be in the form of various types of wood based on the purpose it may serve.

Pine is an ideal option for indoors, it can be stained into a variety of colours.

Poplar is what you’re looking for if you’re looking for a smooth look.

Choose redwood for outdoor furniture or fences as they are very resistant to rot and decay.

Woods that are mostly used outdoors are chemically treated to resist decay and moisture.

Oak, Maple and Cherry are some examples of wood if you’re looking for a patterned look.

We hope that this short guide would help you look for the “perfect” wood that suits your needs.